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A Natural Vegan Skincare brand from Chicago, US. Co-founder and Maker of TOWN & ANCHOR, Parisa Morris, established her roots in the all natural world at a very young age. Always surrounded by flowers and plants in her parent’s Chicago suburban flower shop her interest continued to grow in the green beauty and fashion industry. At 18, she learned about the reality behind the meat and beauty industry and decided to stop consuming meat and to begin a cruelty-free lifestyle.


In 2014, she and her husband, Jeremy Morris, launched T&A in efforts to offer conscious, affordable, luxury skincare, without sacrificing sustainability or animal rights.


<Simple, effective, and never harmful> is their insistence on skin care products.

Through introducing multi-use organic, cold-pressed and botanical facial oil that simplifies the amount and procedure of skin care products. The products are hand-made in micro-batches. Packaging is eco-friendly and artistic.