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Official Authorized Brands

A Polish brand of natural cosmetics with rich compositions. Besides their naturalness, they are distinguished by the high, biotechnologically advanced activeness and the modern, complex approach to skincare.

A brand from The Sunscreen Company which specialize in manufacturing Sunscreen Products. The brand is named as Ava Isa, who is the co-founder, Sara’s daughter. Based on peer-reviewed medical literature and guidance from global regulatory health agencies, Ava Isa has years of expertise in manufacturing sunscreen, patented Bio UVA Ultra technology, creating highly protective zinc oxide physical sunscreens that enhance UVA protection. It is one of the certified brands of EWG SUN SAFETY.

A luxury clean skincare brand from California. They are Sustainable, Natural and Cruelty-Free. It’s their passion to help everyone feel beautiful and love themselves. Beautiful skin is just the beginning of that. They are so proud to be certified cruelty-free from day one by the Leaping Bunny Program. Their company also advocates for zero-waste and is striving to be as close to plastic-free as possible. 

A fast-growing and well-loved natural and organic beauty brand which is established in the United States for more than ten years. Gently encourages your daily rhythms of regeneration and encourages healthy self-care, feed your skin rather than force it, and inspire it instead of irritate it. 

A natural rice skin care brand from Japan. Comeitto means that ‘only take rice in one way.’ They have got inspiration from the traditional beauty secrets of creating healthy and dewy skin from what we eat everyday – Rice. Also, they combine professional skin care technology and Japanese rice craftsmans' spirit to create an amazing rice skin care series. 


A natural skin care brand from Melbourne, Australia. At Ena they believe in a genuine approach to skincare. They deliver a luxurious range of all natural skincare that you can be confident will not contain any nasty chemicals or synthetic fragrances. When you buy an Ena product you know you’re getting skincare that is as close to nature as possible. Made in Australia and not tested on animals. 

UK organic natural skin care brand. Raura, the founder of Green Science, has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing effective natural products. Her team insists on handcrafting each product in small batches to ensure freshness and effectiveness. The products are all made from active organic natural ingredients, vegan without animal testing, eco-friendly packaging. She entitled the 2018 beauty shortlist award - best natural / Organic Skincare Brand.


Hong Kong local aromatherapy brand. Giveawink finds professional essential oil Lab to make their own aromatherapy formula. The essential oils are all made with the raw materials of Robertet, which is ranked among the top ten in the world by the French essential oil factory, and are matched with natural spar with rough and natural beauty. The organic essential oil raw materials use natural spar and unique mineral Compared with ordinary fragrance brands, it has a wider range of fragrance diffusion and a longer-lasting fragrance.

All natural, planet and animal friendly, House of Immortelle brings you fresh skincare and beauty products that are free from artificial fragrance, colours, harsh ingredients and preservatives. All products are produced in small batches using the potent power of plants. Inspired by nature, made with love.

A Natural skin care brand from Hokkaido, Japan. ICOR means "treasure" in Ainu language. Use precious natural ingredients from the earth and water to nurture beautiful skin. The brand has been officially launched in 2020. The products use over 90% natural and Hokkaido's unique natural ingredients, such as Hokkaido Niseko Yotei Snow Water from Japan's 100 famous waters, Niseko pure rice wine and sake lees brewed from spring water, precious birch sap, etc. No animal test and using enviromental-friendly package. 



A Taiwan local parent-child care brand. The couple were determined to give their children the purest, safest and most nourishing products. The husband got up and visited all parts of Taiwan, looking for high-quality natural raw materials to develop himself, and found its precious moisturizing and repairing energy in the red quinoa fields in the rural area of Taitung. As well as a series of home-safe skin care products designed for sensitive skin and "child has you" was born.

A natural Bio-Science brand from France. In 2012, Shirley Billot launches KADALYS, the first eco-conscious brand with Bananier's patented active ingredients: skincare products combining technicality, authenticity and refinement. All products are formulated without silicones, synthetic dyes and fragrances, parabens, glycols (solvents) and ingredients of animal origin. The cosmetics are certified natural and organic by ECOCERT and Cosmebio.

A natural skin care brand from Korea and US. Knours’ skincare products are carefully and innovatively crafted with a primary focus on maintaining skin wellness throughout a woman’s major hormonal cycles, the 3 M’s: menstruation, maternity, and menopause. The Knours’ Komplex™, found in all Knours products, is a non-disruptive blend of sea buckthorn, Mexican giant hyssop, and passionflower extracts. These ingredients help women combat the effects of irregular sleep, stress & stamina levels on their skin. 

M.S Skincare is a New York natural brand and the dynamic place where Ayurveda meets Western Herbalism meets the modern woman. With roots in Ayurvedic healing and training as a certified western herbalist and licensed esthetician, our brand founder, Anit, combines the powerful healing and beauty practices of both eastern and western traditions. M.S Skin pays homage to tradition while understanding the fast pace of modern life. We use herbal healing from around the world to create a comprehensive line of skincare that reflects the knowledge and diversity of the interconnected world we live in today.

A Natural Bio-Science brand from London, UK. Every NAYA formula contains COSMOS and Ecocert certified ingredients that have been tested and shown ground-breaking sciences to improve your skin. NAYA products are developed, produced, packaged, and shipped to you in ways that minimize their impact on the environment. There are no synthetic chemicals nor nice-to-haves in their products.

USA organic natural makeup brand. The founder, Olga and her husband Brian officially established the brand in 2016. After realizing that many cosmetic skin care products are made of harsh chemicals which causing cancer, Olga was determined to create her own harmless organic makeup brand to reduce the damage to the health. They have developed the world's first cosmetic product with USDA organic certified - Loose Face Powder. Their success in farmers markets across the Rocky Mountains led to rapid expansion, and now offers more than 40 different shades and scents.

Korean natural skin care brand. PIBU 피부 means "skin" in Korean.
PIBU PIBU is a solution for skincare. The journey to cleanse the skin begins in Korea in 2018. Three female co-founders from Korea, Hong Kong, and the United States, all dreamed of the same thing.
Despite being from different cultural backgrounds and having different views and skin concerns, they have been working together to bring products that can help address all types of skin concerns.

The natural brand of Southern California, is founded by three female entrepreneurs from different backgrounds. In order to give women a healthier body care and beauty products, the R&D team spends a lot of time searching for the best ingredients and technology to make high-quality product in small batches. Without harmful chemical ingredients, natural organic feminine care products and bamboo yarn facial sheet masks are the popular products.

Antioxidant certified skin care brand from Japan. With the Nobel Prize-winning fullerene as the core component, and has obtained international R.S. certification and verification, the whole series contains a high concentration of fullerene with a content of more than 1%, which has a truly powerful antioxidant Effect (the antioxidant capacity is 172 times that of vitamin C), it can continuously neutralize the free radicals that cause various aging problems for the skin, plus the unique ion penetration formula, and its own ultra-fine nano-molecular weight, effectively combine a variety of new-generation anti-oxidants Old ingredients, such as eggshell membrane, EGF, and plant stem cells penetrate the stratum corneum and reach the bottom of the skin, bringing deep moisturizing, whitening, brightening, anti-inflammatory, and repairing and rebuilding effects to the skin.

Swedish natural skin care brand founded by a mother and daughter. They believe in the concept of “less is more”. The products are formulated with minimalism in mind and an ethos that skincare products don’t need to contain chemicals or long lists of ingredients to be highly effective. All of them are 100% natural and handcrafted without animal testing. 

A Natural Vegan Skincare brand from Chicago, US. <Simple, effective, and never harmful> is their belief. Through introducing multi-use organic, cold-pressed and botanical facial oil that simplifies the procedure of skin care products. All of them are hand-made in micro-batches. Packaging is eco-friendly and artistic.

French natural makeup brand. Founded in 2020, 100% natural and vegan cosmetics. Trew values cosmetic transparency with simple, effective natural ingredients and environmentally sustainable, recyclable packaging. The packaging is from recyclable milk cartons and is 100% biodegradable.

A natural and clean skincare brand from Australia and established since 2010. All products are made of Australian natural ingredients and high in active ingredients.