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A natural skin care brand from Hokkaido, Japan. ICOR means "treasure" in Ainu language. Use precious natural ingredients from the earth and water to nurture beautiful skin. The brand has been officially launched in 2020. The products use Hokkaido's unique natural ingredients, such as Hokkaido Niseko Yotei Snow Water from Japan's 100 famous waters, Niseko pure rice wine and sake lees brewed from spring water, precious birch sap, etc.


ICOR strives to use natural formulations wherever possible. All products are developed with the concept of more than 90% natural ingredients. The goal is to create products that are less irritating to those with sensitive skin by avoiding additives such as petroleum-based surfactants, synthetic preservatives, and synthetic fragrances that burden the body. While incorporating naturally sourced and organic ingredients, carefully selected ingredients work firmly on the skin. Committed to developing products that everyone can use comfortably. Moreover, the whole product also has the concept of sustainable environmental protection, simple packaging, and no animal testing. ICOR's aspiration is to make everyone healthy physically, mentally and in the natural environment.