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A natural rice skin care brand from Japan. Comeitto means that ‘only take rice in one way.’ They have got inspiration from the traditional beauty secrets of creating healthy and dewy skin from what we eat everyday – Rice. Also, they combine professional skin care technology and Japanese rice craftsman spirit to create an amazing rice skin care series. 


They resist to only use the high-qualified rice, which are selected by famous rice craftsman team called Hachidaime Gihey. They review different rice from different farmers aroung Japan every year and carefully selected high-qualified rice. It contains more vitamins B, C, E, amino acids and minerals than ordinary rice.After they selected the rice, they mill the rice bran with professional technology to extract rice bran water in a low-temperature. It helps for keeping the most effective and rich nutrients then general rice more than 10 – 40 times. All products have been tested for low irritation risk. Pregnant women, sensitive skin, and children can use it in safe.


6 Principles of selecting raw materials:

  • All products are developed using eco-friendly raw materials 
  • All products are gluten free
  • Never over-packaging of product
  • Only use ingredients selected by the Rice craftsman team
  • Without 88 kinds of harmful ingredients (Total 11 categories - *No added preservatives, phenoxyethanol, benzophenone, triethanolamine, sodium laurate sulfate, talc, chlorphenesin, mineral oil, benzyl alcohol , Artificial fragrance, artificial colors)
  • No animal testing. All products have passed the allergy test to ensure all of them are low irritation risk


  • 所有產品都是採用環保原料研制而成 
  • 保證所有的產品不含麩質 
  • 為環保絕不過度包裝 
  • 只使用匠人甄選的原料
  • 絕不添加88種有害成分 (總共分為11大類:*無添加防腐劑、苯氧乙醇、苯甲酮、三乙醇胺、硫酸月桂酸鈉、滑石、氯苯甘醚、礦物油、苯甲醇、人工香料,人工色素)
  • 無動物測試,所有產品都通過低刺激檢驗,保證可以安心使用