Ava Isa 


Brand from The Sunscreen Company which specialize in manufacturing Sunscreen Products. The brand is named as Ava Isa, who is the co-founder, Sara’s daughter. Ava Isa is based on the hope that we can change the startling statistic that skin cancer is the number one cancer killer for young women (specifically ages 25-30), and the 2nd cancer killer for teenage women. This is in part due to the phenomenon of tanning salons, but also because women are not using high quality sunscreens every day. They want to make using sunscreen feel like a part of their self-care ritual and feel like its a beautiful and fun part of their regimen. 


Therefore, based on peer-reviewed medical literature and guidance from global regulatory health agencies, Ava Isa has years of expertise in manufacturing sunscreen, patented Bio UVA Ultra technology, creating highly protective zinc oxide physical sunscreens that enhance UVA protection. It is one of the certified brands of EWG SUN SAFETY, which contains a large amount of organic and natural ingredients, and has no controversial ingredients that affect marine ecology and human endocrine hormones.