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Return Policy

Please review our Return & Refund Policy before you place the order:

1) We accept the following reasons for return:

· The goods received are obviously damaged

· The goods received are different from the ones in the order

2) We will not accept the following reasons for return:

· Due to different skin conditions, we cannot return or exchange for skin allergies. The full ingredient list of the product is listed in the product description, please refer to and evaluate the use risk before shopping.

· Wrong order / repeat order filled by the buyer

· Artificial damage

· The product has a slight appearance problem during shipping, such as wrinkling and minor damage to the package, without affecting the quality of the product itself.

· The product has been used / the product has been opened / the product packaging is not complete

· 7 days after the receipt of the goods exchange period

· Failure to provide valid electronic invoices or records

· In the process of return shipping, the product is damaged due to improper packaging

· Did not apply for a return or exchange with the owner beforehand, and did not return the product directly to the store.

3) We do not accept refunds, only accept exchanges

4) The return period is 7 days after receiving the goods, if the customer finds the problem goods, please contact immediately. If the return period is more than 7 days, it will not be returned, please forgive me!

5) Each order can be returned only once

Return procedures

· If the product is found damaged or different from the order within 7 days after receiving the goods, please take the photo of the problem first and email to the store.

· Please indicate the application (replacement (#order number)>, please attach the photo of the problem product, the reason for the replacement, the phone number, the valid electronic invoice or the record.

· Our customer service team will reply as soon as possible within 48 hours

·  Please properly package the product and all the original packaging boxes, and make sure to return to the store with SF Express in good condition.

· If the return is successful, the return shipping fee will be borne by the store.

· If you have refused to exchange the goods due to the inability to comply with the return policy, the store will return the goods to the customer in SF to pay, please forgive us for any inconvenience!